The Consulate Office is situated at No.3250 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite No.2180, Los Angeles, California 90010. As a result of numerous representations made by the various Sri Lankan communities in different parts of California and accredited States, that such an office be established to cater to the many needs this Consulate was opened on 1st July 1999. It was found that people were happy with the work of the Consulate and as such this Consulate continues now to be of assistance to our community as well as the others for their consular needs. 


Vision Statement

  • To be a model consulate providing highest level of quality services and help maintain dignity of the Sri Lankan nation.
    Consulate Statement: 

To provide excellent service and assistance in order to promote friendship and cordial relations between Sri Lanka and the United States of America and the people of the two countries. To promote developmental projects in sectors of trade, tourism, investment, employment and cultural cooperation directed towards the economic prosperity of Sri Lanka.

Our Goals:

  1. To project an excellent image of the country.
  2. To provide excellent services of consular related matters.
  3. Attract investments from the U.S.A. to Sri Lanka.
  4. To maximise the inflow of tourists from the U.S.A. to Sri Lanka.
  5. Improve the quality of service provided by the migrant work force.
  6. Provide job opportunities for skilled workers


  • Consulate General : 213-387-0210
  • Consular Matters : 213-387-0210 /11/14 Ext:205
  • AttachĂ© : 213-387-0210/11 Ext: 200