1. Application for Certificates of “No Objection” should be forwarded as per specimen provided, together with copies of the picture, visa, endorsement and alteration pages of the passport.
  2. Applicants are required to obtain a Case File number from the US Department of State and inform same to this Consulate Office. The United States Department of State website:
    http:travel.state.gov/jvw.html provides instructions on the procedure to obtain a case file number.
  3. As the Waiver Review Division of the Department of State has requested that “No Objection” Certificates be forwarded via Federal Express, applicants should send a Money Order / Certified Cheque for US $ 30.00 in favour of “Consulate General of Sri Lanka”. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
  4. Certificates of “No Objection” are issued by the Controller, Immigration & Emigration in Colombo, and the process may take up to 03 months.


i. This Consulate Office is not responsible for any document lost in the post.
ii. Submission of forged documents and making false declarations relating to citizenship is a punishable offence. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.
iii. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Please click here for the application.